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Is it a Difference or a Disorder? Free Resources for SLPs Working with Bilingual and Multicultural Children

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For bilingual and monolingual SLPs working with bilingual and multicultural children, the question of: “Is it a difference or a disorder?” arises on a daily basis as they attempt to navigate the myriad of difficulties they encounter in their attempts at appropriate diagnosis of speech, language, and literacy disorders. For that purpose, I’ve recently created a […]

Working with Russian-speaking clients: implications for speech-language assessment

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United States boasts an impressive Russian-speaking population.  Numerous Russian-Americans live in various parts of the country with large concentrations in states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, California, and Florida, with smaller numbers found in most of the remaining states. According to the 2010 United States Census the number of Russian speakers […]

What parents need to know about speech-language assessment of older internationally adopted children

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This post is based on Elleseff, T (2013) Changing Trends in International Adoption: Implications for Speech-Language Pathologists. Perspectives on Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders, 3: 45-53 Changing Trends in International Adoption: In recent years the changing trends in international adoption revealed a shift in international adoption demographics which includes more preschool and school-aged […]