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The Limitations of Using Total/Core Scores When Determining Speech-Language Eligibility

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In both of the settings where I work, psychiatric outpatient school as well as private practice, I spend a fair amount of time reviewing speech language evaluation reports.  As I’m looking at these reports I am seeing that many examiners choose to base their decision making with respect to speech language services eligibility on the students’ […]

Why Are My Child’s Test Scores Dropping?

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“I just don’t understand,” says a parent bewilderingly, “she’s receiving so many different therapies and tutoring every week, but her scores on educational, speech-language, and psychological testing just keep dropping!” I hear a variation of this comment far too frequently in both my private practice as well as outpatient school in hospital setting, from parents […]

Simplifying Testing Results to Understand the Student’s Difficulties

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Oftentimes explaining testing results in the form of standard scores, percentiles, and charts is labor-intensive for the SLP and confusing for parents and ancillary  professionals. Furthermore, just because you show testing results does not always ensure that the ramifications of testing are fully understood, especially when it comes to performance of high functioning students with […]