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The Importance of Narrative Assessments in Speech Language Pathology (Revised)

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A few years ago I wrote a guest post on the importance of assessing narratives for another blog. Below is a revised version of that post containing the updates with respect to the assessment of narratives. As SLPs we routinely administer a variety of testing batteries in order to assess our students’ speech-language abilities. Grammar, […]

A Focus on Literacy

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In recent months, I have been focusing more and more on speaking engagements as well as the development of products with an explicit focus on assessment and intervention of literacy in speech-language pathology. Today I’d like to introduce 4 of my recently developed products pertinent to assessment and treatment of literacy in speech-language pathology. First […]

Creating A Learning Rich Environment for Language Delayed Preschoolers

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Today I’m excited to introduce a new product: “Creating A Learning Rich Environment for Language Delayed Preschoolers“.  —This 40 page presentation provides suggestions to parents regarding how to facilitate further language development in language delayed/impaired preschoolers at home in conjunction with existing outpatient, school, or private practice based speech language services. It details implementation strategies as well as […]

Book Review and Giveaway: Learning To Read is Ball

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Today I have the pleasure of reviewing once again  another book written by a NJ based, fellow SLP, Kimberly Scanlon of Scanlon Speech Therapy LLC entitled “Learning to read is the ball”. I have previously reviewed another book by Kimberly entitled “My Toddler Talks“, which discusses parental strategies to facilitate language abilities in toddlers. In “Learning to Read is […]

Thematic Language Intervention with Language Impaired Children Using Nonfiction Texts: Advice for Parents and Professionals

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In the past a number of my SLP colleague bloggers (Communication Station, Twin Sisters SLPs, Practical AAC, etc.) wrote posts regarding the use of thematic texts for language intervention purposes. They discussed implementation of fictional texts such as the use of children’s books and fairy tales to target linguistic goals such as vocabulary knowledge in […]

Book Review: Easy-To-Say First Words

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Today I am reviewing a cute book for toddlers entitled: Easy-To-Say- First Words: focus on Final Consonants written by a speech language pathologist -Cara Tambellini Danielson MA CCC-SLP. The book’s intent is to help  young toddlers learn monosyllabic first words with an emphasis on word final sounds. It has super adorable illustrations and easy to […]

Materials Swap and Giveaway: Bear Says Thanks Book Companion

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Those of you who are familiar with my posts know that I am a huge fan of Karma Wilson’s Bear Books This is why I am very excited to review a comprehensive book companion created by Mindy Stenger, M.A., CCC-SLP of the The Speech Bucket blog, entitled Bear Says Thanks. Packet Activities: Part I: Story sequencing, retell, […]