Strategies of Language Facilitation with Picture Books For Parents and Professionals

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—This material provides suggestions on how parents and professionals can facilitate language development via use of picture books. It discusses specific implementation strategies as well as lists select Pre-K books and authors

—This sample is part of a full product entitled: Creating A Learning Rich Environment  for Language Delayed Preschoolers: Tutorial for Parents and Professionals, which can be found HERE.

—Target Audience

  • —Parents/Caregivers
  • —Speech Language Pathologists including Clinical Fellows (CFY’s) as well as Graduate Speech Pathology Students
  • —School Based Professionals
    • —Explain and distribute this material to caregivers

Product Content:

  • The Benefits of Book Reading and Retelling  
  • Working with Wordless Picture Books (WLPBs)
  • Identifying Warning Signs of Poor Story Telling
  • Narrative Milestones from Preschool – First Grade
  • Remediation via Use of Specific Story Prompts
  • Focus on Story Characters and Setting
  • Story Sequencing
  • More Complex Book Interactions
  • Teaching Vocabulary of Feelings And Emotions
  • Select Favorite Authors Perfect for Pre-K
  • Helpful Smart Speech Therapy Resources


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