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Smart Speech Therapy LLC provides personalized speech and language assessment services that are specifically customized for each client and are based on their unique needs.

We offer on-site consultations and evaluations of complex speech, language and literacy based disorders for pediatric clients 18 months-17 years of age.

We provide on-site as well as web-based Professional Development courses and district in-services on a variety of topics in speech language pathology.

We specialize in providing comprehensive independent speech language and literacy evaluations, in-depth consultations and second opinion services.

We specialize in providing professional teleconsultations to Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) seeking specialized in-depth assessment and/or treatment recommendations regarding specific client cases or who are looking to further their professional education in select specialization areas.

We specialize in providing parent teleconsultations to clients who live outside Smart Speech Therapy LLC geographical area (e.g., non-new Jersey residents) who are interested in comprehensive specialized in-depth consultations and recommendations regarding what type of follow up speech language services they should be seeking/obtaining in their own geographical area for their children as well as what type of carryover activities they should be doing with their children at home.

We specialize in providing comprehensive dyslexia, reading disability and literacy evaluations.

We specialize in providing comprehensive speech language and literacy assessment services for internationally adopted children with speech, language and communication delays, as well as psychiatric and neurological impairments.

We perform comprehensive speech language and literacy assessments and design detailed intervention programs for children with identified or suspected Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

We offer speech language services for children diagnosed with psychiatric disturbances as well as behavioral and emotional impairments.

We offer bilingual speech and language services in Russian to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of children whose parents would like them to be assessed in their native language.