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A Focus on Literacy

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In recent months, I have been focusing more and more on speaking engagements as well as the development of products with an explicit focus on assessment and intervention of literacy in speech-language pathology. Today I’d like to introduce 4 of my recently developed products pertinent to assessment and treatment of literacy in speech-language pathology. First […]

SLP Efficiency Bundles™ for Graduating Speech Language Pathologists

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Graduation time is rapidly approaching and many graduate speech language pathology students are getting ready to begin their first days in the workforce. When it comes to juggling caseloads and managing schedules, time is money and efficiency is the key to success. Consequently,  a few years ago I created  SLP Efficiency Bundles™, which are materials highly […]

Guest Post: Eliciting Language from the “SHUT-DOWN” kid

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Today’s guest post on how to elicit language from children with “shut-down” tendencies secondary to significant expressive language delay comes from Rachel Arntson, M.S., CCC-SLP of the  Talk It Rock It  Blog. Have you ever worked with a child who would shut down the minute she thought you wanted her to say something? I find this […]

Tips Corner: Creating Opportunities for Spontaneous and Functional Communication

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In today’s guest post,  Natalie Romanchukevich advises readers on how to create opportunities to expand children’s spontaneous communication skills. Helping young children build speech- language skills is an exciting job that both caregivers and educators try to do every second of the day.  We spend so much time giving our children directions to follow, asking them a […]

Types and Levels of Cues and Prompts in Speech Language Therapy

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Do you need a handy guide explaining “Types and Levels of Cues and Prompts in Speech Language Therapy”? Are you trying to understand the difference between cues and prompts? Want to know the difference between phonemic and semantic prompts? Trying to figure out how to distinguish between tactile and gestural cues? The grab my new […]