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Comprehensive Assessment of Adolescents with Suspected Language and Literacy Disorders

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When many of us think of such labels as “language disorder” or “learning disability”, very infrequently do adolescents (students 13-18 years of age) come to mind. Even today, much of the research in the field of pediatric speech pathology involves preschool and school-aged children under 12 years of age. The prevalence and incidence of language […]

Review of the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy (TILLS)

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The Test of Integrated Language & Literacy Skills (TILLS) is an assessment of oral and written language abilities in students 6–18 years of age. Published in the Fall 2015, it is  unique in the way that it is aimed to thoroughly assess skills  such as reading fluency, reading comprehension, phonological awareness,  spelling, as well as writing  in school […]

What Research Shows About the Functional Relevance of Standardized Language Tests

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Standardized tests’ limitations

Test Review: Test of Written Language-4 (TOWL-4)

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Today due to popular demand I am reviewing the The Test of Written Language-4 or TOWL-4. TOWL-4 assesses the basic writing readiness skills of students 9:00-17:11 years of age. The tests consists of two forms – A and B, (which contain different subtest content). According to the manual, the entire test takes approximately between 60-90 minutes to administer and examines 7 skill […]

Review of Social Language Development Test Adolescent: What SLPs Need to Know

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A few weeks ago I reviewed the  Social Language Development Test Elementary  (SLDTE) and today I am reviewing the  Social Language Development Test Adolescent  (SLDTA) currently available from PRO-ED. Basic overview Release date: 2010 Age Range: 12-18 Authors:Linda Bowers, Rosemary Huisingh, Carolyn LoGiudice Publisher: Linguisystems (PRO-ED as of 2014) The Social Language Development Test: Adolescent (SLDT-A) assesses adolescent students’ social […]

Review of Social Language Development Test Elementary: What SLPs Need to Know

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As the awareness of social pragmatic language disorders continues to grow, more and more speech language pathologists are asking questions regarding various sources of social pragmatic language testing.  Today I am reviewing one such test entitled:  Social Language Development Test Elementary  (SLDTE) currently available from PRO-ED. Basic overview Release date: 2008 Age Range: 6:00-11:11 Authors:Linda Bowers, […]

Test Review of CELF-5 Metalinguistics: What SLPs Need to Know

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Recently, I purchased the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals®, Fifth Edition Metalinguistics (CELF®-5 Metalinguistics), which is a revision of the Test of Language Competence–Expanded. Basic overview Release date: 2014 Age Range: 9-21 Author: Elizabeth Wiig and Wayne Secord Publisher: Pearson Description: According to the manual CELF–5M was created to “identify students 9-21 years old who have not acquired […]

Sunny Articulation Phonology Test Kit Review Update and Giveaway

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In February 2013 I did a review of the Sunny Articulation Test by Smarty Apps. At that time I really liked the test but felt that a few enhancements could really make it standout from other available articulation tests and test apps on the market. Recently, the developer, Barbara Fernandes, contacted me again and asked […]

The Executive Functions Test-Elementary: What SLPs and Parents Need to Know

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Recently I’ve purchased the Executive Functions Test-Elementary (EFT-E) by Linguisystems  and used it with a few clients  in my private practice and outpatient hospital-based school program.  The EFT-E is a test of language skills that affect executive functions of working memory, problem solving, inferring, predicting outcomes, and shifting tasks. For those of you not familiar with […]