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Editable Report Template and Tutorial for the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy

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This 16-page fully editable report template discusses the results of the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy.

It includes the following components:

  • Table of testing results
  • Recommendations for using severity ratings of percentile ranks
  • Recommendations of which information to include in the background history section of the report
  • Teacher Interview Samples for Adolescent and Elementary Aged Students
  • Classroom Observations Sample
  • Adaptive behavior section sample
  • Assessment findings in the form of discussion of student weaknesses on individual subtests only vs. composites
    • All subtests descriptions
    • Extensive descriptions of how to analyze error patterns on all subtests
    • Descriptions of how to analyze scenarios when a student obtains average performance but it contradicts academic functioning.
    • Elaborations regarding specific subtests, weaknesses on which are not as apparent or straightforward (e.g., Nonword Repetition, Following Directions, etc.)
    • Recommendations for supplemental testing when the performance on select subtests (e.g., Social Communication) is within the average range despite glaring weaknesses
    • Extensive error descriptions that can be found on the Reading Fluency subtest
    • Extensive footnotes with clarifying information
    • Links to a variety of TILLS FREE tutorials created by the authors
    • Impressions section formulation
    • Possible ICD-10 diagnoses that can result based on TILLS assessment
    • Accommodations Section
    • Adaptive Recommendations Section
    • Maintaining Factors Section
    • Suggested Therapy Long and Short Term Goals Sampler for
      • Listening Comprehension
      • Oral Communication
      • Social Communication
      • Phonological Awareness
      • Phonics
      • Reading Fluency
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Spelling
      • Writing Conventions
      • Writing Composition
      • Reward System and Rationale
      • Expected duration of treatment
      • Prognosis
      • Therapy Discharge Recommendations

3 reviews for Editable Report Template and Tutorial for the Test of Integrated Language and Literacy

  1. Jenna (verified owner)

    This is an excellent template for use with the TILLS assessment. I purchased this template as I am new to using this detailed assessment. Tatyana’s extensive descriptions of each sub-test and detailed error analysis makes this product a must have if you are using this assessment.
    Suggested intervention goals comprehensively cover each area of language and literacy assessed.

  2. jessica holman

    This is absolutely a fantastic product and a NEED for anyone who has the TILLS. Tatyana does such an amazing job with this product it is incredibly comprehensive and so much more than a template. . She includes a case history outline, accommodation suggestions, possible ICD-10 codes, and goal suggestions just to name a few things that are included besides a standard test template. As a school based SLP this is the type of eval my boss expects from me especially if a case if going to go to court. I strongly suggest anyone who uses the TILLS to invest in this template 🙂

  3. leanne (verified owner)

    This template is incredibly comprehensive and helps the report writer go through test analysis. This is a must-have if you are new to/for anyone using the TILLS. Thank you for writing this!

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