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Why Are My Child’s Test Scores Dropping?

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“I just don’t understand,” says a parent bewilderingly, “she’s receiving so many different therapies and tutoring every week, but her scores on educational, speech-language, and psychological testing just keep dropping!” I hear a variation of this comment far too frequently in both my private practice as well as outpatient school in hospital setting, from parents […]

Special Education Disputes and Comprehensive Language Testing: What Parents, Attorneys, and Advocates Need to Know

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Several years after I started my private speech pathology practice, I began performing comprehensive independent speech and language evaluations (IEEs). For those of you who may be hearing the term IEE for the first time, an Independent Educational Evaluation is “an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for […]

Spotlight on Syndromes: An SLPs Perspective on Fragile X Syndrome

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Today’s guest post on Fragile X Syndrome comes from Happily SLP, Carly Fowler.  Fragile X is an inherited disorder that is associated with mental retardation and developmental disorder. This is a sex-linked disorder.  Fragile X is linked to the 23rd chromosomal pair; specifically the X chromosome. Physical characteristics of fragile X syndrome (FXS) in males are […]