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Trivia Night Answers and Winners

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Thank you all who participated in yesterday’s Trivia Night! Below you’ll find answers to round’s questions as well as the names of winners for each round. Round 1: Early Child Development 1. Name at least 3 characteristics of child directed speech These include: motherese, repetition, modeling speech, simple syntax, slowing rate, using a higher pitch as well as using an exaggerated intonation […]

SLP Trivia Night: Round Three

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1. FASD is an umbrella term for the range of effects that can occur due to maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy which may create physical, cognitive, behavioral, as well as learning/language deficits. It is NOT a clinical diagnosis. Please list at least 3 CURRENT terms under the FASD umbrella. 2. Name at least 3 characteristics of infants/toddlers […]

SLP Trivia Night: Round Two

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1. As related to internationally adopted (IA) children, what does the acronym CLM stand for and what does it mean? 2. “The pattern of language acquisition in internationally adopted children is often referred to as a second first language acquisition” (Scott et al., 2011). Why? 3. Why CAN’T we treat Internationally Adopted children as bilingual speakers? […]

SLP Trivia Night: Round One

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1. Name at least 3 characteristics of child directed speech 2. What is the critical period hypothesis? 3. Name at least 3 functions of communicative behavior during infancy 4. Name 2 types of echolalia 5.  What is jargon and up until what age is it appropriate in children? Place your responses under this blog post […]

Tuesday July 30th is Trivia Night!

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This Tuesday is my turn to host SLP Trivia Night. Created by Kristine of Simply Speech (graphic by Carrie of  Carrie’s Speech Corner),  Trivia Night involves different SLP Bloggers hosting a night of trivia SLP related questions on their respective Facebook pages.  Jen of Speech Universe did it on July 16, Jocelyn of Ms. Jocelyn Speech […]