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Birthday Giveaway Day Eighteen: Grocery Theractivity

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It’s DAY 18 of my Birthday Month Giveaways and I am raffling off a giveaway by Speech2U, which is a Grocery Theractivity.  This is an awesome 48 page packet which contains 72 different food pictures and 9 different activities. It can be used with ages ranging from preschoolers through middle school and is great for goals targeting life skills. Packet […]

Being Functional is APP-ealing!

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while ,then you know that I place a lot of emphasis on function. This is reflected in the assessments I select and the materials I choose. I want them to be practical, multifaceted, and useful for a wide variety of clients.  My caseload at the hospital and in […]

Language therapy for children with severe cognitive impairments: Focus on Function!

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Lately I’ve had a number of children on my caseload with marked cognitive limitations. While I always attempt to integrate curriculum concepts into their therapy sessions, I also focus extensively on doing functional activities with them. These are tasks that pertain to daily living such as ordering food in a restaurant, shopping in supermarket, performing […]