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Why Are My Child’s Test Scores Dropping?

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“I just don’t understand,” says a parent bewilderingly, “she’s receiving so many different therapies and tutoring every week, but her scores on educational, speech-language, and psychological testing just keep dropping!” I hear a variation of this comment far too frequently in both my private practice as well as outpatient school in hospital setting, from parents […]

Special Education Disputes and Comprehensive Language Testing: What Parents, Attorneys, and Advocates Need to Know

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Several years after I started my private speech pathology practice, I began performing comprehensive independent speech and language evaluations (IEEs). For those of you who may be hearing the term IEE for the first time, an Independent Educational Evaluation is “an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for […]

Recommendations for Assessing Language Abilities of Verbal Children with Down Syndrome (DS)

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Assessment of children with DS syndrome is often complicated due to the wide spectrum of presenting deficits (e.g., significant health issues in conjunction with communication impairment, lack of expressive language, etc) making accurate assessment of their communication a difficult task. In order to provide these children with appropriate therapy services via the design of targeted […]

Comprehensive Assessment of Monolingual and Bilingual Children with Down Syndrome

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Assessing speech-language abilities of children with genetic disorders and developmental disabilities is no easy feat. Although developmental and genetic disorders affecting cognition, communication and functioning are increasingly widespread, speech-language assessment procedures for select populations (e.g., Down Syndrome) remain poorly understood by many speech-language professionals, resulting in ineffective or inappropriate service provision. (more…)

Research Tuesday January Edition – Speech Impairment in Down Syndrome: A Review

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Once again I am joining the ranks of SLPs who are blogging about research related to the field of speech pathology.   Today I am reviewing a 2013 article in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, by Kent and Vorperian, which summarizes research on disorders of speech production in Down syndrome (DS) Title: Speech Impairment in Down Syndrome: […]

Spotlight on Syndromes: An SLPs Perspective on Down Syndrome

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Today’s guest post on genetic syndromes comes from Rachel Nortz, who is contributing a post on the Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that is characterized by all or part of a third copy of the 21st chromosome. There are three different forms of Down syndrome: trisomy 21, translocation, and mosaicism. Trisomy 21 is the […]