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2nd Annual POWER Up Conference December 2-4, 2020


Dates: December 2-4th, 2020 worth 30 continuing education hours!

Cost: $125 for CEU Smart HUB Access which includes: 12- month membership with full access to 3 annual Power Up conferences, direct conference zoom access, ALL past Power Up replays, Unlimited CEUs, specialized trainings, on-demand trainings, speaker requests, course handouts, live conference interaction with speakers, exhibit hall with discounts and raffles.




We are thrilled our Keynote Speaker is  ASHA President, Theresa Rodgers, MA, CCC-SLP

Our speakers

Dr. Cate Crowley, CCC-SLP

December 4th, 12pm ET/ 9am PT

Tatyana Elleseff, MA, CCC-SLP

December 2nd, 1pm ET/10am PT

Dr. Patrick Finn, CCC-SLP

December 3rd, 2pm ET/11am PT

Dr. Ianessa Humbert, CCC-SLP

December 2nd, 10am ET/ 7am PT

Dr. Adriana Lavi, CCC-SLP

Pre-recorded, Available December 2nd

Dr. Elizabeth D. Peña, CCC-SLP

December 2nd, 4pm ET/1pm PT

Theresa Rodgers, MA, CCC-SLP

December 2nd, 10am ET/7am PT

Dr. Katherine Sanchez, CPSP

December 2nd, 6pm ET/ 3pm PT December 3rd, 6pm ET/3pm PT

Dr. Ruth Stoeckel, CCC-SLP

December 4th, 2pm ET/11am PT

Dr. Jason Travers

December 2nd, 11am ET/ 8am PT

Dr. Carole Zangari, CCC-SLP

December 3rd, 12pm ET/9am PT

Access the full conference program HERE 

Hope to see you there!

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Win a 6 Month Subscription to Topics in Language Disorders Journal

Exciting news for all the SLPs for Evidence-Based Practice Group members! The editors of the journal truly appreciate that we share information about the latest SLP research, and would like to give 3 group members a complimentary journal subscription for a period of 6 months.

All you need to do to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway is be a verified member of the SLPs for Evidence-Based Practice group on Facebook.

Then in the comments section below please briefly state how you can benefit from this FREE subscription and THAT’S IT!    Winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the giveaway! So have fun and EBP on!  Continue reading Win a 6 Month Subscription to Topics in Language Disorders Journal

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Improving Accountability of ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers

Image result for accountabilitySeveral days ago I had a conversation with the Associate Director of Continuing Education at ASHA regarding my significant concerns about the content and quality of some of ASHA approved continuing education courses. For many months before that, numerous discussions took place in a variety of major SLP related Facebook groups, pertaining to the non-EBP content of some of ASHA approved provider coursework, many of which was blatantly pseudoscientific in nature.

The fact is while there is a rigorous process involved in becoming an ASHA approved continuing education provider, once that approval is granted, ASHA is not privy to course content. In other words, no staff member at ASHA is available to screen course documents (pdfs, pptx, handouts, etc.) to ensure that it is scientifically supported and is free of pseudoscientific and questionable information. Continue reading Improving Accountability of ASHA Approved Continuing Education Providers

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Some Facts About ASHA CEUs, Registry, and Approved Provider Courses

Related imageTypically, approximately twice a year, right around late December or at the start of summer vacation in the schools, a flurry of SLPs begin to inquire on a variety of social media forums regarding “free or cheap ASHA CEU’s”.

So today I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how these CEUs can be acquired in accordance with ASHA compliance.  For newly graduating SLPs as well as Clinical Fellows, CEU’s or Continuing Education Units are the continuing education hours needed by speech pathologists to stay abreast of current developments in the field and maintain their Certificate of Clinical Competence or CCCs. ASHA requires that all holders of CCCs “accumulate 30 Certification Maintenance Hours (CMHs) of professional development during each 3-year certification maintenance interval in order to maintain their ASHA Certificates of Clinical Competence (CCC).” Continue reading Some Facts About ASHA CEUs, Registry, and Approved Provider Courses

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Professional Development Hours

Image result for professional development

Smart Speech Therapy LLC is excited to present its new professional development service. Now we offer Continuing Maintenance Hours (CMHs) on select purchased text-based products.  These hours fulfill the requirement set forth by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) for certification maintenance.

Here’s how it works.  Select products from the Smart Speech Therapy LLC online store are eligible for professional development hours.  These products are identified in the online store ONLY under the heading: CMH Quiz.

Customers purchasing particular products from our store can also purchase a text-based quiz for an additional fee. Upon completing a  quiz and attaining 80% accuracy on it, customers will receive a certificate of course completion worth a specific amount of hours (ranging from 1 CMH- 6 CMHs depending on the length of the product).

Each quiz description states the number and type of test questions (typically a combination of multiple choice as well as essay questions) as well as how many continuing maintenance hours the course is eligible for.

All customers who have purchased qualifying products in the past calendar year are eligible for this professional development opportunity upon a provision of proof of purchase after the purchase of the quiz.  Customers who have purchased their products more than a year ago can reach out to us to inquire regarding their eligibility, which would be established for them for a small surcharge to cover the course processing fee.

So get your continuing maintenance hours today!