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Early Intervention Evaluations PART II: Assessing Suspected Motor Speech Disorders in Children Under 3

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In my previous post on this topic, I brought up concerns regarding the paucity of useful information in EI SLP reports for children under 3 years of age and made some constructive suggestions of how that could be rectified. In 2013, I had written about another significant concern, which involved neurodevelopmental pediatricians (rather than SLPs), diagnosing […]

Professional Consultation Services for Speech Language Pathologists

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Today I’d like to officially introduce a new professional consultation service for  speech language pathologists (SLPs), which I initiated  with select few clinicians through my practice some time ago. The idea for this service came after numerous SLPs contacted me and initiated dialogue via email and phone calls regarding cases they were working on or asked for advice on […]

Book Review: Easy-To-Say First Words

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Today I am reviewing a cute book for toddlers entitled: Easy-To-Say- First Words: focus on Final Consonants written by a speech language pathologist -Cara Tambellini Danielson MA CCC-SLP. The book’s intent is to help  young toddlers learn monosyllabic first words with an emphasis on word final sounds. It has super adorable illustrations and easy to […]

Why Developmental History Matters: On the Importance of Background Information in Speech-Language Assessments

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Lately I’ve been seeing quite a few speech language therapy reports with minimal information about the child in the background history section of the report. Similarly, I’ve encountered numerous SLPs seeking advice and guidance relevant to the assessment and treatment of difficult cases who were often at a loss when asked about specific aspects of their […]

Apraxia RainbowBee App Review and Giveaway

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Today I am reviewing a fun new app Apraxia RainbowBee  developed by Virtual Speech Center  to enhance motor planning for children with speech production difficulties. Similar to their other apps, on the first screen (featured left) the therapist can choose the option of customizing the app’s settings or viewing the informational video. (more…)

New Giveaway: Speech Therapy for Apraxia – Words

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A little while ago I reviewed “Speech Therapy for Apraxia-WORDS” by Blue Whale Apps. You can Find this post HERE. Similarly to Speech Therapy for Apraxia, the Words version is designed for working on motor planning with children and adults presenting with developmental or acquired apraxia of speech. However, this app focuses on the child producing monosyllabic words vs. individual syllables. There […]

App Update and Giveaway: Speech Therapy for Apraxia

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A few months ago I reviewed an apraxia app I really liked called “Speech Therapy for Apraxia – NACD Home Speech Therapist” by Blue Whale Apps” aimed at the treatment of CAS and AOS in children and adults.  That review can be found HERE. Developed by the National Association for Child Development (NACD) by an SLP, […]

Dear Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician: Please Don’t Do That!

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Recently I got yet another one of the dreaded phone calls which went a little something like this: Parent: Hi, I am looking for a speech therapist for my son, who uses PROMPT to treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Are you PROMPT certified? Me: I am PROMPT trained and I do treat motor speech […]