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Helpful Smart Speech Therapy Site Searching Tips

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Related imageOver the years this blog has amassed many posts on a variety of topics pertaining to the assessment and treatment in speech-language pathology. With over 300 posts and over 130 search categories it’s no wonder that some of you have reached out to ask about effective ways of finding relevant information quickly. As such, in addition to the existing categories pertaining to specific topics (e.g., writing, social communication, etc.) I have created two specific categories which were asked about by numerous blog subscribers in recent emails.

The first one is the Clinical Assessment Category, which provides specific examples and analyses pertinent to a wide variety of informal assessments (e.g., reading, writing, narratives, speech, social communication, etc.) of clients 18 mos to 18 years of age.

The second one is the Treatment Suggestions Category,  which provides specific therapy examples relevant to the treatment of language and literacy.

In addition to these new categories, I also wanted to list a few of our most sought out categories to optimize your search options. These include:

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  1. So grateful for this! Now I can find exactly what I’m looking for!

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