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Improving Critical Thinking Skills via Picture Books in Children with Language Disorders

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This 49-slide presentation discusses effective instructional strategies for teaching language disordered children critical thinking skills via the use of picture books utilizing both the Original (1956) and Revised (2001) Bloom’s Taxonomy: Cognitive Domain which encompasses the (R) categories of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating.

*Please note that there’s an overlap of several slides between this material and the following product: Strategies of Language Facilitation with Picture Books For Parents and Professionals. Please review both product descriptions carefully prior to making a purchase of the desired material.  

Slide Content:

  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)
  • Language Disorders Are Learning Disabilities
  • Brief Overview of Bloom’s Original Taxonomy (1956)
  • Brief Overview of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (2001)
    • What to teach in the Remembering stage
    • What to teach in the Understanding stage
    • What to teach in the Applying stage
    • What to teach in the Analyzing stage
    • What to teach in the Synthesizing stage
    • What to teach in the Evaluating stage
    • What to teach in the Creating stage
  • Importance of Critical Thinking Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills in Children with DLD
  • Language Processing Hierarchy Pertaining to Critical Thinking
  • Training Reasoning Skills in Children With LD (4 sample sessions)
  • Exposures needed to Learn New Vocabulary Words
  • Remediation via Use of Specific Story Prompts
  • Focus on Story Characters and Setting
  • Story Sequencing
  • More Complex Book Interactions
  • Teaching Vocabulary of Feelings And Emotions
  • Learning Vocabulary Words
  • Select Picture Book Authors and Series
  • Helpful Smart Speech Therapy Resources

1 review for Improving Critical Thinking Skills via Picture Books in Children with Language Disorders

  1. Nohemi (verified owner)

    This slideshow is a good orientation for people who want to see the connection between theory and practice when it comes to teaching critical thinking to learning-disabled children. I found it to be well-referenced and teeming with examples of ways to teach important skills within a trusted framework, including some sample sessions and even goals. To its credit, this is not a no-prep product like you would find on other sites. If you want cookie cutter activities, look elsewhere. If you want to understand how a picture book can be a systematic vehicle for meaningful language therapy, start with this. The added bonus for me was the list of selected picture book authors toward the end. This will save me some initial time and expense as I start to build my own picture book library.

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