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Genetics in Speech Language Pathology

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—This 36 page presentation is aimed at educating speech language pathologists regarding the role of genetics in assessment and intervention of speech language disorders. It will explain the link between genetics and developmental communication disabilities as well as summarize genetic contributions to speech sound disorders, language impairment, and reading disabilities.

—Learning objectives:

  • —Explain genetic terminology relevant to speech and language disorders including the concept of genetic transmission
  • — Discuss select genetic conditions associated with hearing impairment and speech-language disorders/delays including reading disorders and dyslexia
  • —Describe the importance of obtaining a detailed family history for speech language assessments in order to determine potential genetic involvement in the child’s speech language disorder
  • —Summarize the role of orofacial observations play in the diagnosis of genetic disorders
  • —Explain the importance of early identification and targeted intervention services to children with known genetic family history

Slide Content:

  • Introduction: Genetics and the SLP
  • Common Misconceptions Regarding Genetics
  • Current State of the Field
  • Brief Genetic Primer
    • Chromosomes, Genes and DNA
    • Types of Mutations
    • Modes of Inheritance
    • Common Chromosomal Disorders
    • Multifactorial Inheritance
  • Genetics and S-L Disorders
  • Genetic Contributions to Select S-L Disorders
  • Implications for Treatment of SSDs
  • Implications for Stuttering
  • Implications for SLI
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Implications for Psychiatric Disorders
  • Determining Genetic Contribution of a Disorder
  • Phenotypes
  • Data Collection
  • Gathering Family History
  • Medical History
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Behavioral Phenotype
  • The Role of Orofacial Assessments
  • Orofacial Observations
  • Importance of Early Intervention
  • Conclusion: Implication for SLPs
  • Free Online Resources
  • Books for SLPs
  • Helpful Resources


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