Social Pragmatic Photo/Question Set Sample


This social pragmatic 3 photo/question set FREE sample is part of a comprehensive 30 question/photo Social Pragmatic Language Activity Pack (available here) intended for children ages 6 and older. It is organized in a hierarchy of complexity ranging from basic social scenarios to more abstract and socially ambiguous situations.  Some sets contain additional short stories with questions and focus on auditory memory, processing, and comprehension.  There are on average 10-20 questions per each photo.

While some scenarios may be suitable for younger children, most are suitable for children ages 8-9 and older. Select scenarios containing abstract concepts may be suitable only for upper elementary or middle school aged students.

It is suitable for both individual therapy sessions as well as group work. Depending on the student’s abilities and extent of deficits, one photo/question set may take up to 30 minutes to complete.


Present each photo to the student/s and ask the questions in sequential order. Since responses will vary, the answer key is not provided with this activity.  For older students recording their responses in writing on a separate sheet of paper is a suggested option.


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