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Creating A Learning Rich Environment for Language Delayed Preschoolers

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—This 40 page product provides suggestions on how to facilitate further language development in language delayed/impaired preschoolers at home in conjunction with existing outpatient, school, or private practice based speech language services.

—It discusses parental implementation strategies as well as lists useful materials, books and websites of interest.

—Direct Target Audience

  • —Parents
  • —Caregivers
  • —Clinical Fellows (CFY’s)
  • —Graduate Speech Pathology Students

Direct/—Indirect Target Audience

  • —Speech Language Pathologists
  • —Psychologists
  • —School Based Professionals

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  • The importance of daily routines
  • The importance of following the child’s lead
  • Strategies for expanding the child’s language
    • —Self-Talk
    • —Parallel Talk
    • —Expansions
    • —Extensions
    • —Questioning
    • —Use of Praise
  • A Word About Rewards
  • How to Begin
  • How to Arrange the environment
  • Who is directing the show?
  • Strategies for facilitating attention
  • Providing Reinforcement
  • Core vocabulary for listening and expression
  • A word on teaching vocabulary order
  • Teaching Basic Concepts
  • Let’s Sing and Dance
  • Popular toys for young language impaired preschoolers (3-4 years old)
  • Playsets
  • The Versatility of Bingo (older preschoolers)
  • Books, Books, Books
  • Book reading can be an art form
  • Using Specific Story Prompts
  • Focus on Story Characters and Setting
  • Story Sequencing
  • More Complex Book Interactions
  • Teaching vocabulary of feelings and emotions
  • Select favorite authors perfect for Pre-K
  • Finding Intervention Materials Online The Easy Way
  • Free Arts and Crafts Activities Anyone?
  • Helpful Resources

1 review for Creating A Learning Rich Environment for Language Delayed Preschoolers

  1. telleseff

    The tutorial is just what I was looking for a “high level overview, but simple and to the point. I have four year old son that is non-verbal. He attends Pre-K, O.T and Speech since he was three. Which all has helped tremendously. Regrettably I feel as If I have not done my part at home. But now with your tutorial I am confident that this will enable us to structure a meaningful learning environment at home. Thanks!
    Best Regards, Theresa
    Warrensville Hts, OH

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