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Impact of Cultural and Linguistic Variables On Speech-Language Services

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This 62 slide presentation provides an overview of how cultural and linguistic variables impact speech language service provision to children from bilingual and multicultural households. It covers differences between individualistic and collective cultures, cultural values towards play, differences in child-rearing practices, cultural perceptions and beliefs about disability, as well as cultural communication differences. The impact on learning of socioeconomic status as well as parental level of education is also discussed.
Learning objectives:
Discuss how cultural values impact parental attitudes to assessment and intervention
  • List how cultural differences impact caregiver involvement and intervention expectations
  • Describe how levels of maternal education impact communication development
  • Explain the impact of socioeconomic status on cognitive achievement
  • Summarize how cultural views on disability affect perceptions of impairment

Product Details:

  • Considerations before you initiate services
  • Direct vs. indirect Communication Styles
  • Individualistic vs. Collectivistic Cultures and Speech-Language Services
  • Communication and Cultural Differences Overview
    • Asian Community
    • Latino/Hispanic Community
    • United States and Values
  • Collective Cultures and Values
  • Cultures and Child Rearing
      • Asia
      • Korea
      • China
  • Implications for speech therapy sessions
    • Mexican-American cultural values
  • Child rearing practices and service delivery
  • Influence of religious beliefs on service delivery
  • Parental Level of Education
  • Socioeconomic  Status and “Bilingual Advantage”
  • Socioeconomic status (General)
  • Socioeconomic status and Brain Function Differences
  • Views on Disability Around the World
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • China
      • Chinese Americans
    • Russia
      • Russian Americans
    • Mexico
    • Puerto Rico
  • Importance of Cultural Views on Disability
  • Advantages of Bilingualism
  • Disadvantages of Ceasing to Speak the Birth Language
  • Conclusion
  • 2 At a Glance Appendices
    • Appendix I: Countries and Cultures
    • Appendix II: Cultural Views on Disability
  • References

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1 review for Impact of Cultural and Linguistic Variables On Speech-Language Services

  1. Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC

    This is a great guide for SLPs and other service providers who will be working with persons from other cultures. This PPT does a great job explaining:
    1. differences between individualistic vs. collective cultures
    2. views other cultures have on communication (verbal and nonverbal), play skills, and disability, which will most definitely impact our ability to effectively service these children if we lack sensitivity to their beliefs
    3. how low socioeconomic status comes into play
    4. how religious beliefs can also impact our ability to service children.

    This is a great handout with some practical information.

    My favorite part: appendix 1 and 2 which summarizes all of this great information for a quick reference for us later!

    This is a great presentation and really makes sense out of some of my prior experiences with families from various cultures. Definitely worth the price in my opinion!

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