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Creating a Functional Therapy Plan: Therapy Goals & SOAP Note Documentation

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This 46 slide presentation explains how to create the most effective therapy plan following the client’s assessment.

The learning objectives for the presentation are as follows:

1. Identify the difference between goal and procedure
2. Describe three phases of intervention planning and the nature of goals and procedures at each phase
3. List differences between LTG’s, STG’s and SG’s
4. Explain how to write brief and functional SOAP notes
The slides include information on the following:
  • Difference between Goals vs. Procedures
  • Difference between Goals vs. objectives
  • Three Phases of Intervention Planning
  • Baseline Data and Goal Planning
  • Determining “best performance”
  • Duration for Goal Achievement
  • Goal Functionality
  • Complexity vs. Difficulty
  • Linguistic Contexts
  • Nonlinguistic Contexts
  • Prompts vs. Cues
  • Types of Cues
  • Levels of Cues
  • Examples of Long Term Goals (LTG)
  • Examples of Short Term Goals (STG)
  • Examples of Session Goals (SG)
  • How to write measurable goals
  • SOAP Note Documentation
  • Acronym Key
    • LTG (Long Term Goals)
    • Non-SI (Non-Standardized Instruments)
    • SD (Standard Deviation)
    • SG (Session Goals)
    • SI (Standardized Instruments)
    • STG (Short Term Goals)

It is suitable for the following professionals:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate SLP students
  • Clinical Fellows
  • Brand New SLP clinicians
  • Mid career switch clinicians (from geriatric to education settings)
  • Anyone else who is interested in most effective and functional therapy planning


2 reviews for Creating a Functional Therapy Plan: Therapy Goals & SOAP Note Documentation

  1. KristaK09

    As a first year grad student I found this to be extremely helpful. It has been a while since I have learned these topics in undergrad and this was a great refresher. It is really hard to find information like this on the internet from other SLPs. I find that most bloggers these days only want to talk about their tpt therapy materials and not more practical information like this. Thank you so much for creating this and giving me a free copy!

  2. krivelevichslp

    I found this to be a very good review of session planning and goal writing for pediatric clients. I believe that this can be a particularly helpful reference tool for current graduate students, CF’s and those clinicians returning or switching to working with kids. I appreciated the many examples of specific goals and the thought process behind moving from assessment to long-term goal, short-term goal and session goal was clear and easy to understand. As a clinician who will be returning to working with kids, I will be turning to this presentation frequently for pointers.

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