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New Giveaway: Creating a Functional Therapy Plan: Therapy Goals, Objectives & SOAP Note Documentation

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slide1Recently I did a series of lectures for a graduate speech language pathology program regarding how to create the most effective therapy plan following the client’s assessment.  The learning objectives for the presentation were as follows:

1. Identify the difference between goal and procedure
2. Describe three phases of intervention planning and the nature of goals and procedures at each phase
3. List differences between LTG’s, STG’s and SG’s
4. Explain how to write brief and functional SOAP notes
The slides included information on the following:
  • Difference between Goals vs. Procedures
  • Difference between Goals vs. objectives
  • Three Phases of Intervention Planning
  • Baseline Data and Goal Planning
  • Determining “best performance”
  • Duration for Goal Achievement
  • Goal Functionality
  • Complexity vs. Difficulty
  • Linguistic Contexts
  • Nonlinguistic Contexts
  • Prompts vs. Cues
  • Types of Cues
  • Levels of Cues
  • Examples of Long Term Goals (LTG)
  • Examples of Short Term Goals (STG)
  • Examples of Session Goals (SG)
  • How to write measurable goals
  • SOAP Note Documentation
So I decided to do a giveaway of this 30 slide PPT.
Who its most applicable to:
  • Undergraduate and Graduate SLP students
  • Clinical Fellows
  • Brand New SLP clinicians
  • Mid career switch clinicians (from geriatric to education settings)
  • Anyone else who is interested in most effective and functional therapy planning

How to win:

1. Share the link to this post publicly on Facebook and leave a Comment on FB that you’ve entered this giveaway.

2. Comment ON MY BLOG below this entry why you would like this handout.

Once my FB page hits 800 likes, I will choose 10 winners, whose responses I liked the best.

Good Luck!

38 thoughts on “New Giveaway: Creating a Functional Therapy Plan: Therapy Goals, Objectives & SOAP Note Documentation

  1. I would LOVE this as I am back in “the game” again and things have changed a great deal. I don’t like writing the same things all the time! I think this w would be a great refresher course for me.
    Thank you!!

    1. Thanks so much for your interest in this product! However, at this time were are not running any promotional giveaways. This product is available for purchase here: for any interested parties

  2. This looks awesome and I know you put tons of work into this !! Would love to get a copy!!!

    1. This contest has been over for quite some time. However, you can purchase a copy of this product in the online store.

  3. Am struggling with goal setting and would love guidance

  4. I was so excited about winning your product. I read it through and felt that it was very thorough. The second half was very specific and helpful to me as a new therapist. The first half was information that I was aware of from my many years as a special education teacher. I think that this document would be useful to new therapists.Thanks for selecting me as a winner.


  6. One of my greatest challenges as a speech language pathologist would have to be producing documents that are both concise and professional, but also readable for parents and collaborating professionals. I am really excited to read this document. I hope that it will be available to purchase for those that do not win:).

  7. This sounds like a wonderful resource! I am a first year graduate student and a SLPA. A lot of the things that you touch on in this presentation are still confusing to me like writing SOAP notes and creating measurable goals. I would love to learn more about these topics!

  8. “Creating a Functional Therapy Plan” would be an excellent resource and learning tool form my undergraduate CDS students and graduate clinicians (I teach a writing seminar). I just entered the college world in 2008 after 25+ years in the field, and I like to keep my resources fresh, evidence-based, and numerous to demonstrate the wisdom of researching for information. The list of information included reminds me of an acronym I use for planning intervention and goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Functional. This also fits into the class projects of planning “therapy packs” for 5 different communication disorders.

    Thank you for offering your work. I have learned quickly that applicable information is what students get excited about.

  9. I am a slp in a very small rural town trying to run a private practice. This information would be incredibly helpful and so very appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  10. Do you ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to pull the information that you use on a daily basis out of your head? Well, today is one of those days. I need to write a goal but just can’t seem to put into words, so I need all the help I can get.

  11. This looks very informative. I could use more assistance in writing goals, tracking goals, and cueing. Thanks!

  12. I am very interested in this presentation! I am a second year SLP and recently added more students on the Autism Spectrum to my caseload in a school. I feel like this information would be particularly useful for these students, when creating IEPs for next year, to make goals the most relevant they can be. Thanks so much!

  13. Seems like a great resource to guide my student’s intervention plan. Very timely as this is the time of year that we write the individual education plans for the coming year.

  14. I would love to win a copy of this. Coming to the educational setting from an outpatient setting, i struggle with writing goals and objectives that i feel would be appropriate for a full year.

  15. I would love this PowerPoint. I just graduated and it seems like it would be helpful in creating treatment plans. I know this is short and simple but I am an information gatherer and love learning new things. If if can help me in the field it’s even better! Thanks!

  16. As an experienced clinician, I like this handout becuase I struggle daily with data collection – I’m always reviewing pages and pages of notes, and taking hours to summarize progress because my system does not work!!! I try each year to find something that works, and I seem to be wasting more time. The real challenge has become pragmatic goals-measuring so many components in a given situation. I feel desparate.

  17. I have many years of experience but I’m always looking for better and more efficient ways to deal with the planning of the treatment of individual children and groups, and to monitor the achievements of the patients in a structured and organized way, allowing the measurement of progress. The PPT you describe looks very promising and helpfully. Thanks and good luck!

  18. I actually graduated the year before IEPs were implemented!! I would love to improve my goal and objective writing skills and with your materials as well as better explain therapy to the teachers I collaborate with. I agree that if I don’t win, please consider putting this on TpT!!! Excellent resource!!

  19. What a wonderful resource this would be!! I am a brand new CF and would very much appreciate and benefit greatly from this information. It would really help me in getting started on the right foot in regard to creating appropriate goals and collecting data for my kiddos! Thank you!!

  20. As a speech pathologist working in the schools, I have read soooo very many goals and objectives stating with cues or prompts or in progress notes. Considering the contexts these terms were used, I question the real meaning behind these terms as well. Have the terms changed since graduating in 1999? All the other information listed that is listed as part of your power point, appears to be very powerful and could be Very useful in the current setting I am employed.

  21. Would love this PPT presentation. I have been a speech therapist in many different settings. The one thing that seems to be lacking is everybody’s ability to set short and long term goals. To have something that systematically lays this out would be invaluable!

  22. Looks wonderful !! I have been out of the field for 8 yrs and recently returned after being home w/ my children. I am rusty ! I would really appreciate this information….looks great !!!

  23. I would love to win this. I have been a speech therapist for 10 years. Would love this resource as more and more insurance restraints demand strong documentation.

  24. AWESOME presentation. What EVERY SLP needs to know to provide thorough and effective therapy. I would love to have this as a review and to apply ASAP. Our students/clients deserve the best from us, and this will surely remind me how to do it the ‘SMART’ way;)

  25. This seems to be such a versatile and helpful resource for me as a newly minted SLP still experiencing new diagnoses for the first time. Being the only SLP at my facility I have felt stuck at times to generate a functional goal (or knowing where to START) for new clients following an evaluation or once initial goals have been met even though it is apparent intervention is needed. I feel this is a resource that would help focus my thoughts and provide a higher level of intervention.

  26. I am returning to the field of speech pathology after 34 years as a special education teacher in the inner city of Philadelphia. Although I worked in the field part time in the 80’s, I stopped working my second job in speech when I had my children. I am doing voluntary observations 5 days a week in a school setting and a skilled nursing facility to regain skills and competencies to allow me to work as a speech and language pathologist. This power point would be incredibly helpful to me as I gather as much information as I can to help me be an effective SLP.

  27. This seems to be just what the doctor ordered. With the advent of so much (too much) government intervention; I am hoping this will satisfy even the most difficult auditors. After practicing in a school system for 18 years, going into private practice, and then returning to continue my life’s work with indigent, lower socio economic students in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan, it has been a challenge meeting the demands of administrators who do not have a clue as to the benefit of my services. I am realizing that these “administrators” with little knowledge of special education are busy finding fault with others as to draw the attention away from the fact that they are doing little to help students whose parents have failed them through lack of early intervention. I am not here to condemn others; I am seeking help simply to survive and help others see the value in the service I provide. What you have created seems ideal for documentation, report writing, and frankly holding my own during an IEP or RTI meeting.
    This appears to be an excellent way not to help me organize and make clear that which I have done as a matter of course for years, but to verify that what I say is being done is being done so that even a lay person might understand.

  28. This is an area that is always debated. Cue vs prompt, what’s what. Goal or object….. I would welcome a document that clearly identifies and assists in the IEP process. If I don’t win this, I would hope that it would be available for purchase! Thank you for your contribution in our field and for the giveaway!

  29. Looks like a good resource even for OT and PT. I often see treatment plans instead of goals in IEPs.

  30. I am always looking for ways to improve my planning for therapy and goals for functional language. This is an area that there is not enough resources. It is all about the children and what we can do as therapists to make a difference in a child with special needs.I want to be that person! I would love to be a recipient of your PowerPoint. Thank you for considering me!

  31. It’s would be nice to have a refresher and a good resource if I have a student clinician in the future!

  32. I have been working with adults for some time now and have recently received the opportunity to work with children again. I am very excited. This presentation would be a such a helpful resource for me to look to so that I can provide my clients with a well thought out, thorough and functional therapy plan. Thank you!

  33. Wow, just what I’ve been looking for! I left the field in 1996 for 8 years and though successful in my therapy, still struggle with the paperwork. I could use all the help I can get!

  34. This looks like a very helpful, go to manual to reduce writting time. Considering I lost my entire office, books, and all my materials due to the Sandy storm, this would help a great deal in starting to rebuild my materials!!

  35. I noticed a sequential way in displaying topics of the slides and I have a great desire to see them, especially, SOAP Note Documentation.

  36. Looks like a very comprehensive powerpoint and useful for all us!!! Nicely done!

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