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iMix- Scramble words Giveaway

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  Today I am doing a giveaway of iMix- Scramble words, a cute game of mixing and matching parts of different characters and the syllables attached to them.

Great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Touching each syllable will pronounce it, while touching the large speaker icon will pronounce  the full name of each character.

How can SLP’s ‘appdapt’  it for speech language therapy purposes?

Phonological Awareness and Emergent Reading:

  • Novel Word Decoding
  • Initial Medial and Final Phoneme Identification/Isolation

Motor Speech/Articulation:

  • Rapid Novel Sound Sequencing
  • Increasing Production Accuracy with Successive Trials Practice


  • Describing
  • Absurdities

Carissa T was the first winner of the previous giveaway that ended at midnight.

I still have 3 more gift codes to giveaway.

Go to the giveaway tab on my Facebook Page to enter the giveaway!

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