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It’s all about RtI!

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Today I am excited to review one of the latest products from Busy Bee Speech “Common Core Standards-Based RtI Packet for Language“.

So what is RtI or Response to Intervention?

Developed as an alternative to the ability–achievement “discrepancy model,” which requires children to show a discrepancy between their IQ and standardized tests/grades, RtI is a method of academic intervention aimed to provide early, systematic assistance to children who are having difficulty learning in order to prevent academic failure via the provision of early school based intervention, frequent progress measurement, and increasingly intensive research-based instructional interventions for children who continue to have difficulty learning.

In contrast to a number of schools in my state (New Jersey), RTI or Response to Intervention is currently not utilized in my unique setting (outpatient specialized school in a psychiatric hospital).

For a while now I have been thinking of ways in I could incorporate RtI in my setting especially when it comes to the screening of K-2 grade children, many of whom display inconsistent language skills (and are not yet classified) at the time of admission into our program.

That is why I became so thrilled when I came across Laurent’s RtI packet.  Every page of this 48-page, K-2 grade, packet is based on the content from the Common Core.

  • Her Kindergarten and First Grade packs contain several pretests and post-tests, as well as progress monitoring sheets for WH questions, phonological awareness sheets, grammar sheets, and sheets for language concepts.

  • Her  Second Grade pack contains pretests, post-tests, progress monitoring sheets for WH questions, language concepts, and vocabulary.

  • She also created a number of appendices
    • Appendix A and B – picture cards
    • Students sheets for kinder pretest and post-test
    • Student sheets for 1st grade pretest and post-test
    • Speech-Language Therapy Intervention Data Graph
    • List of CC Standards used for K, 1 and 2nd grade assessments

This packet is an invaluable resource to both SLPs and teachers. There’s not one thing I don’t love about it!

The Language Concept Sheets are a terrific way of finding out whether the students early problem solving abilities are emerging and progressing appropriately.

The WH question sheets contain a number of relevant questions which check whether the students are oblivious or oriented to the world around them.

The Progress Monitor Quick Check sheets are a terrific way of keeping accurate tallies of the students responses based on progressive dates of intervention.

I can go on and on about all the wonderful materials in her packet or I can just tell you that you can check this packet out for yourself in Lauren’s TPT Store Here and grab it for a mere $7.50.

But that’s not all. Lauren is currently reviewing my Language Difference vs. Language Disorder: Assessment & Intervention Strategies for SLPs Working with Bilingual Children packet on her Blog.

So we decided to do a Raflecopter giveaway of our respective products on our respective blogs! She’ll be giving away her packet on her BLOG while I’ll be giving away my Language Difference vs. Language Disorder: Assessment & Intervention Strategies for SLPs Working with Bilingual Children   on mine.

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  1. Another great TPT suggestion! Added it to my list.

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  3. Looks like a good product! I hope I win! 🙂

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