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Hurray for Book Companions: What will the pig want next?

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Is there anything more fun then literature based speech language intervention?

Rhetorical question of course, but seriously how much fun is it?  Even the simplest books are jam-packed with a variety of language concepts, “wh” questions, target vocabulary, prepositions of location, and much, much more.

Of course, it’s always a bonus when I manage to create or obtain a book companion as a complement to the story, so the clients benefit the most from the activity.  I also find book companions particularly useful when it comes to passing out the homework activities to the parents, many of whom require a little guidance regarding how to work at home with their children in order to increase carryover and ultimately reduce the child’s overall time in therapy. This is why I jumped at the opportunity to review one of Denise’s (Speech Language Pirates Blog) several book companions: “If you give a Pig a Pancake.”

This 55 page companion contains a nice variety of articulation and language activities, creating a wonderful supplement to the story.

From visual props for story retelling and sequencing to comprehension and inferential questions, it has a little something to target many language goals.

Those of you in need of articulation activities will find her pages with CVC words related to /p, b, m, n, t, d/, initial, medial, and final /g, k, f/ as well as /l/ and /s/ blends particularly helpful.

Looking for phonemic awareness tasks? Denise has a cute word segmentation activity in which you can combine picture strips to form compound words.

Are grammar goals on your mind?  Denise has a nice range of activities including: basic verbs, regular plurals, is/are verbs, third person singular (-s) as well as prepositions of location tasks.

Need basic concepts? Associations? Object functions? Categorization? Attributes?

She has it all! This pack is definitely worth it’s $5.25 tag at her TPT Store.

Denise is currently reviewing my Narrative Assessment of Preschool and School Aged Children packet on her Blog.

So we decided to do a Raflecopter giveaway of our respective products on our respective blogs! She’ll be giving away her packet on her BLOG while I’ll be giving away my Narrative Assessment of Preschool and School Aged Children on mine.


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  1. I love book companions! As my library grows I look for new books and new materials all the time. Thank you!

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