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Normal Simultaneous Bilingual Language Development and Milestones Acquisition

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5428Today I am excited to introduce another product aimed at explaining one of the aspects of typical bilingual language development. This 26 page introductory material describes simultaneous (from infancy) bilingual language development. It is part of several comprehensive bilingual assessment materials found HERE as a part of a “Multicultural Assessment and Treatment Bundle”  AND  HERE as an individual product entitled “Language Difference vs. Language Disorder: Assessment & Intervention Strategies for SLPs Working with Bilingual Children“.

 Learning objectives:
  • —Explain Dual Language System Hypothesis
  • —List important milestones of bilingual language development
  • —Discuss the difference between code-mixing and code-switching
  • —Review advantages of bilingual language development

Presentation Content

  • Simultaneous dual language acquisition in infancy
  • Dual Language System Hypothesis
  • Similarities between monolingual and bilingual language acquisition
  • Simultaneous Bilingualism
  • Vocabulary differences between L1 and L2
  • Bilingual Language Development
  • Important Bilingual Milestones
  • Bilingual Milestones and Age of Onset
  • Simultaneous dual language learning
  • Simultaneous dual language learning & language delay
  • Conclusion
  • Helpful Smart Speech Therapy Resources
  • References

Would you like a copy? You can find it HERE in my online store.

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