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Introducing New Product Service: Comprehensive Report Tutorials

Today I am writing about my, long overdue, line of products on the topic of: “Comprehensive Report Tutorials“.  Due to popular demand over the next several months, I will be adding to my online store a number of editable comprehensive report templates.

These templates summarize popular speech-language pathology tests with meticulous detail. Each editable template will contain:

  • Formal testing results breakdown in the form of a table
  • A detailed overview of each subtest including a variety of hypotheses behind the student errors
  • Summary of the students perceived deficits on the test and their correlation with language/literacy based deficits
  • Long-term goals and detailed short-term’s objectives

Image result for Speech language Test manualsBelow is a select list of the tests which will be offered:

  • Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills
  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals – 5: Metalinguistics 
  • Listening Comprehension Tests (Elementary and adolescent versions)
  • WORD Tests (Elementary and adolescent versions)
  • Tests of Problem Solving (Elementary and Adolescent versions)
  • Social Language Development Tests (Elementary and Adolescent versions)
  • Executive Functions Test- Elementary 
  • Tests of Reading Comprehension
  • Tests of Written Expression
  • Comprehensive Tests of Phonological Processing

Related imageAvailable templates to date:



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