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Winter Non-Fiction Leveled Reading Passages and Questions Product Swap and Giveaway

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Today I am doing a product swap and giveaway with Sharon Schackmann, the author of the Speech with Sharon blog, who’s created a product entitled: Winter Non-Fiction Leveled Reading Passages and Questions with a focus on teaching non-fiction text to older students: elementary through -high school ages.

This mega sized 44 page packet includes 7 passages on a variety of winter related topics including:

  • The History of the Christmas Tree
  • How did the Superbowl First Came About?
  • Where Does Valentine’s Day Comes From?
  • The Traditions behind The Winter Olympics
  • The Reason Why Penguins Waddle
  • What’s So Special About Snowflakes? and finally
  • How Does the Polar Bear Survive Life in the Arctic?

For each topic Sharon created higher and lower reading levels, marked as H or L in the top right hand corner of the page. She also included a set of questions for each topic targeting such relevant areas as semantic flexibility  (e.g., targets production of definitions, synonyms, and antonyms), critical thinking and problem solving (e.g., comparing and contrasting, inferring, predicting) as well as reading comprehension (e.g., main idea, WH- questions, and describing). Answer keys are included for each passage for your convenience.

I love this packet because of how incredibly multipurpose it is. You can use it to teach content reading in areas pertinent to Science, social studies, literature, or geography. You can also address each of the following target skills for each of the readings:

  • —Main Idea
  • —Context Clues
  • —Inferring
  • —Predicting Outcomes
  • —Compare and Contrast
  • —Cause and Effect
  • —Fact and Opinion
  • —Sequencing
  • —Order of Events
  • —Steps in a Problem
  • —Paraphrasing
  • —Summarizing
  • —Drawing Conclusions
  • Generalizing

There’s enough materials in this packet to address a variety of language goals, and the best part is that you can use it throughout winter (some passages are applicable to the summer since they deal with arctic and Antarctic regions where it’s always cold) because of how the information in the packet is phrased.

You can find this packet in Sharon’s TPT store Here for $6.00 or you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance of winning your own copy. But wait there’s more!!! Sharon is doing a review of one of my products: Social Pragmatic Activity Bundle so if you head on over to her PAGE and read her review you’ll be able to enter both giveaways!

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4 thoughts on “Winter Non-Fiction Leveled Reading Passages and Questions Product Swap and Giveaway

  1. I’m always looking for some non-fiction articles for kiddos to practice wh-question comprehension. In my experience, it’s been a bit more challenging to find non-fiction articles, and with the shift to Common Core, there’s a bigger emphasis on non-fiction text.

  2. I have a TBI student who is a freshman and has some reading issues. I’d love to have this to work with him and I do have some younger ones I could use it with also!

  3. I would love to use in speech tx with my assorted language groups! I love the different levels!

  4. Always looking for materials to work with older students especially challenging ones!

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