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The reviews are in: Improving Social Skills in Children with Psychiatric Disturbances

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Today I did a webinar on

Improving Social Skills in Children with Psychiatric Disturbances

click below for the initial reviews of my live webinar

or read below:
Average Rating 5 stars
well organized, gave a few examples of what presenter actually has used herself and/or put into practice
Her power point was clear and she was easy to listen to. I appreciated the corresponding resources very much.
Good review of strategies.
Information was well organized and clearly presented
Good info…wish it would have been more specific to certain populations (ADHD)
Well organized and informative.
It was very organized and easy to follow. She was incredibly informative and provided abundant resources!
practical/fuctional information to use in therapy
Extremely clear handout and great resource recommendations for therapy.
I appreciated her thoroughness in taking us from theory to therapy to materials and resources.
The information was given in a logical sequential order with data and some materials to use during therapy.
good content and presentation
The course content and presentation were informative, concise, and well organized.
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