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Today I am excited to tell you about another product in my assessment referral series: SPEECH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST FOR PRESCHOOL CHILDREN 

I created this 9 page guide to assist speech language pathologists in the decision making process of how to select assessment instruments and prioritize assessment for preschool children. In doing that you are eliminating the administration of irrelevant tests and focusing on the administration of instruments directly targeting the areas of difficulty that the child presents with.


  • Page 1 Title
  • Page 2 Directions
  • Pages 3-5 Checklist
  • Pages 6 Suggested Speech-Language Test Selection for Preschool Children
  • Page 7  Select Language Testing Battery Suggestions
  •  Page 8-9 Supplemental Caregiver/Teacher Data Collection Form

Checklist Target Areas:

  1. Receptive Language
  2. Memory, Attention and Sequencing
  3. Expressive Language
  4. Speech
  5. Voice
  6. Resonance
  7. Phonological Awareness
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Pragmatic Language
  10. Social Emotional Development
  11. Executive Functions

Much like my first product the SPEECH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST FOR A SCHOOL-AGED CHILD , this checklist came about because I needed a reliable tool to help me gather evidence regarding the child’s specific speech-language difficulties as well as help me decide which  assessment instruments I needed to use in order to best assess the child’s abilities.
preschool checklist

I’ve listened to colleague complaints regarding the scarcity of available materials to assess preschool language abilities. As a result, I listed a number of testing instruments in this document which are helpful in identifying an array of speech language deficits in preschool children ranging from word-retrieval to problem solving.

So what are some reasons to get this product? 

  • To project efficient and professional image to parents, teachers, as well as any other related professionals filling out these intakes
  • To save time by sending the checklist to the caregiver/teacher instead of conducting lengthy interviews
  • To quickly determine the child’s most significant deficits areas
  • To base test selection on accurate staff/caregiver report vs guesswork
  • To assess only the relevant areas of difficulty via administration of targeted tests or select test subtests
  • To quickly access list of speech-language tests categorized by area of focus in one place
  • To review testing battery suggestions if uncertain regarding specific test administration
  • To quickly tally the results of supplemental caregiver/teacher data collection form for students with severe language deficits in order to pinpoint the starting assessment point

Want to check it out in action? I’ll be giving away two copies of the checklist in a Rafflecopter Giveaway below.  So enter today to win your own copy!


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  2. I love this tool. I am going to use it for my future preschool screeners and for end of the year teacher checklists for continue concerns. It is concise, easy to use and understandable for teachers and parents. It covers all aspects of speech and language. Thank you for designing an efficient and concise tool!

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