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Real Vocabulary App Review and Giveaway

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Today I am a reviewing a new vocabulary app created by the Virtual Speech Center called Real Vocabulary Pro.  Developed to target the core curriculum vocabulary of K-5th grade students, it has tons tons of pictures and pre-recorded audio to target various vocabulary concepts as well as allows users to add their own words, pictures and audio recordings for a more individualized and targeted therapy sessions.

The app targets receptive and expressive goals in the following categories:

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Definitions
  • Multiple Meanings  and
  • Idioms

The app layout is pretty similar to all other Virtual Center apps. On the front page, the user has the option of playing games, adjusting app settings, accessing reports, watching an informational video or accessing other apps by this developer.

Once the users push the start button, they have the option of adding or selecting a particular student before moving on to the vocabulary targets on the next screen.


After you’ve selected your targets you need to choose either the receptive or expressive mode for the child’s responses. However, it is important to note that you can easily target both in one sessions by just switching the button located on the top right of the screen. photo 1

If you choose the expressive mode, you will receive the target word in a sentence along with a related picture. The student then must produce a verbal response without the benefit of multiple choice answers. Responses can be recorded and played back. You can rate the student’s responses as “correct” (green check), “incorrect” (red x) or “almost there”(orange almost equal to sign).

photo 3

In contrast if you choose the receptive mode, in addition to the sentence expressing the word you will also get 4 choices of responses. Students must select the response which best describes the target word.

photo 2

You can  enter notes and comments regarding the quality of the student’s responses, future areas of learning needs, or which words can be given to the student to study for homework.

photo 5

You can also go back to settings to adjust the perimeters to your specifications, anytime.

photo 4

After the session is over, quickly see the summary of results including, receptive and/or expressive scores, percentage of words answered correctly, which word lists were used, as well as review audio recordings and notes.

photo 4 (1)

You can generate reports by goals vs. dates. And of course you can email reports to yourself, parent or teacher anytime after the end of the session. 

photo 5 (1)

Need a break? How about playing a few games  as a well earned reward. Put the food items onto the waiters tray without knocking it over in “Wobbly Waiter”. Catch the falling food into the chef’s bowl by moving the chef around in “Catch the Dish”. Or sling the fruit to hit the food on the table in the “Sling Challenge Game.”

photo 2 (2)I love the fact that this app addresses many semantic flexibility targets found in common language and vocabulary tests (e.g., Word Tests Elementary and Adolescent, CELF-5, etc). The wide range of ages and grades makes it easy to adjust and edit vocabulary for the student’s level and needs. The app’s data collection tools are great for tracking goal mastery.  The recording feature also allows the student to hear and judge the quality of own responses in order to make the necessary adjustments.  

You can find this app on iTunes for $19.99, or you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a copy.

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3 thoughts on “Real Vocabulary App Review and Giveaway

  1. I am always looking for materials to work on vocabulary that will help my S/L therapy students improve the foundational skills they need to be successful with vocabulary they are learning in the classrooms. This app looks perfect! Would love to win! Thanks for opportunity!

  2. I want this to use with my speech/language students. I work with preschool through 12th grade in a unit school and have so many kids with vocabulary goals.

  3. I know my students will be engaged and learning using this app. It is a great way to start lessons or good for review of what the have learned. Great for older students!

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