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Pediatric Background History Questionnaire Giveaway

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peds questionnaireToday I am very excited to introduce my new product “Pediatric Background History Questionnaire”. I’ve been blogging quite a bit lately on the topic of obtaining a thorough developmental client history in order to make an appropriate and accurate diagnosis of the child’s difficulties for relevant classroom placement, appropriate accommodations and modifications as well as targeted and relevant therapeutic services.  

Unfortunately due to lack of time as well as appropriate resources many evaluation reports contain the bare minimum of information. This may at time result in lack of knowledge regarding  significant details of the child’s history which may in turn even with targeted assessments still lead to lack of appropriate referrals, diagnoses and relevant targeted interventions. This is why I decided to create a comprehensive 6 page pediatric background history questionnaire was created to assist SLPs, who lack relevant and thorough pediatric questionnaires and intakes with efficient and effective collection of detailed background history information on a variety of general pediatric clients 0-21 years of age.

This detailed questionnaire (which is available in pdf format) can be emailed to the parents/caregivers prior to the evaluation to optimize evaluation time and procedures. It is intended to assist SLPs with determining both ‘red’ and ‘green’ development flags in conjunction with testing results in order to make informed decisions regarding the client’s therapy services eligibility.

Specific information sections:

  • General demographics
  • Adoption history (if applicable)
  • Detailed prenatal, pregnancy and birth history
  • Medical history
  • Related services history
  • Hearing
  • Auditory processing (if applicable)
  • Development history
    • Motor milestones
    • Oral-motor milestones
    • Speech and language milestones
    • OT needs history
  • Education history
  • Behavior and personality
  • Specific speech language related concerns checklist
  • Additional information summary

You can find it On Sale in my online store HERE or you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win your own copy.

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3 thoughts on “Pediatric Background History Questionnaire Giveaway

  1. Recently I have ordered this Questionnaire and I´m excited about it. I´m little suprised about questions about paternal use of alcohol or drugs – during pregnancy. Can I ask you for axplanation why is it important especially during pregnancy? Or is it a common question about genetic assumption? Sorry my english, it ´s not my L1:) and thank you for your answer!
    Have a nice day,

      1. thank you!

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