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Love It and List It: Behavior Management

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This month I am joining the Speech Room News’ Love It and List it Linky Party to talk about my favorite Behavior Management techniques tools and strategies.  In fact I’ve actually combined my favorite strategies into my product entitled Behavior Management Strategies for Speech Language Pathologists which you can find HERE. In it I explain what type of common challenging behaviors can manifest in children with genetic, psychiatric, and neurological disorders, describe the role of SLP in the management of challenging behaviors, list behavior management hierarchy from least to most intrusive methods for students with differing levels of cognitive functioning (high-average IQ to varying levels of intellectual disability) as well as describe positive proactive strategies used to prevent inappropriate behaviors from occurring.

Then there is my article which explains how to “Create Successful Team Collaboration: Behavior Management in the Schools” which you can find HERE which explains how SLPs can collaborate with other school based professionals to successfully work with children exhibiting challenging behaviors secondary to psychiatric diagnoses and emotional and behavioral disturbances. 

You can also read my post on how parents can Manage their post-institutionalized child’s behavior during study times which you can access HERE

Finally, you can also read about materials which can hep you figure out whether the child’s behavior manifestations are due to sensory processing issues vs. true social emotional difficulties, HERE.

How do you work on behavior management in your sessions?

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