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If you give a mouse a cookie, it will want some phonemic awareness to go with it

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I love book companion packs! Honestly I can’t get enough of them!

One of the reasons I particularly enjoy using them is because they nicely supplement thematic language therapy activities (see Twin Sister’s Post HERE on thematic therapy).  This is why I jumped at the opportunity to review Speech Universe’s  If You Give A Mouse A Cooke Phonemic Awareness Packet.

Phonemic Awareness activities are incredibly important for young (Pre-K-1st grade) language impaired learners.  They are especially important for children from low SES households as well as young  limited English proficiency learners.

Jen’s packet is terrific at addressing a number of phonemic awareness skills including:

  • Syllable Counting
  • Rhyme Recognition
  • Rhyme Generation
  • Syllable Blending and
  • Initial Sound Isolation


And the best part is that all the words she uses for the activities  in this packet are vocabulary words from the book. The adorable illustrations as well as clear visual instructions are sure to engage the attention of young learners for multiple sessions.  The hidden bonus is that you can use the companion for far more than just the phonemic awareness.  You can do a:

  • Noun, verb, and adjectives sort
  • Describe Attributes
  • Formulate sentences
  • Provide synonyms and
  • Explain definitions

If you are interested more in this activity you can find it in Jen’s TPT Store.

Jen is currently reviewing my  Differential Diagnosis of ADHD in Speech Language Pathology packet on her Blog.

So we decided to do a Raflecopter giveaway of these products on our respective blogs! She’ll be giving away her  If You Give A Mouse A Cooke Phonemic Awareness Packet packet on her Blog while I’ll be giving away my Differential Diagnosis of ADHD in Speech Language Pathology packet  on mine.


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