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Gotta Love the RtI: Teacher Edition

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RTI Language, Listening, and SpeakingI have written about Response to Intervention (RTI) to intervention before (HERE),  bemoaning the fact that it’s not currently utilized in my setting (outpatient specialized school in a psychiatric hospital) and how I was hoping to gradually incorporate it at work.

To summarize it briefly RtI is a 3 tiered approach to intervention that identifies children at risk for learning deficits and provides them with high quality instruction in order to separate the ones who just need a little extra help from children with true learning/language deficits. So you can tell that i am always on the looking for more RtI materials which is why I was very excited to come across Ms. Jocelyn’s RTI: Language, Listening & Speaking Packet.

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She developed this packet of classroom interventions for use by teachers.

First up is the Communication Snapshot in which she explains what speech therapists do in the schools and for whom speech therapy may be recommended. She also asks a few questions regarding the student’s functioning in the school.

Secondly she describes Popular Speech Therapy Terms, which is always a useful glossary for teachers and parents alike.

Next she offers Classroom Teacher RTI Strategies in which she provides advice to teachers about what to do if a student presents with a particular problem (e.g., Has difficulty following verbal directions; recalling information; answering ‘wh’ questions; pronouncing words;  learning new vocabulary; formulating sentences; or generating oral narratives).

After that she offers Various RTI printables (ex. prompt cards, visual aides, K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade vocabulary organizers, etc.)

Finally she offers Progress Monitoring and Reporting Forms which is an awesome way of tracking all the data that can be collected on the student.

On the last page there’s an option to summarize results as well as to determine the plan of action such as

  • Continue with RTI strategies in the classroom
  • Adjust RTI strategies in the classroom
  • Complete Speech and Language Screening
  • Refer for Initial Evaluation
  • Refer for Reevaluation
  • Other: ____________________

Jocelyn cautions that this packet is not intended to replace speech therapy by any means but explains that what she provides are  suggestions which teachers can use to make simple modifications for the students in order to see whether they make a difference (child improves) or whether an additional plan of action in the formal of a speech language screening or evaluation may be necessary. You can find RTI: Language, Listening & Speaking Packet in Jocelyn’s TPT Store by pressing on the title link.

Jocelyn is currently reviewing my Creating a Functional Therapy Plan packet on her Blog.

So we decided to do a Raflecopter giveaway of these products on our respective blogs! She’ll be giving away her  RTI: Language, Listening & Speaking packet on her Blog while I’ll be giving away my  Creating a Functional Therapy Plan  packet  on mine.



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