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Birthday Giveaway Day Four: Seasons UNO

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seasons unoToday’s Birthday Month Giveaway “Seasons UNO” is brought to you courtesy of Lynda SLP 123

This game is played just like UNO. Each card contains a question about 1 of the 4 seasons. When a card is played, the student will answer the question printed on the card.

Lynda’s packet contains 100 cards:

  • 16 blue winter cards
  • 16 pink spring cards
  • 16 yellow summer cards
  • 16 orange fall cards
  • 2 skip cards in each color
  • 2 reverse cards in each color
  • 2 Draw-2 cards in each color
  • 8 WILD cards

Its terrific for reviewing the seasons in a fun creative way. You can find this product in her TPT store by clicking HERE or you can enter my one day giveaway for a chance to win.

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway Day Four: Seasons UNO

  1. Right now most of my kiddos are confused on months and seasons. This is great fun to get lots of targets in one session! Nice job!

  2. This would be great for my graduate students! They are always looking for new ideas to work with clients.

  3. Always need good materials to teach the seasons!

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