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Birthday Extravaganza Day Twenty Nine: 4-Step Sequencing, Including Pictures!

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raeToday’s giveaway is brought to you courtesy of Rae’s Speech Spot . It is 4-Step Sequencing, Including Pictures!  and its perfect for working on sequencing with preschoola nd school aged children. 

Packet Contents:

What is included:

  • Sequencing mats: first, next, then, and last mat to help students organize their stories using temporal markers .
  • 10 4 step sequences dealing with the following scenarios
    • Washing hands
    • Chicken hatching
    • Jack-O’-Lantern
    • Brushing teeth
    • Getting a hair cut
    • Getting dressed
    • Building a snowman
    • Planting a flower
    • Making a pizza
    • Wrapping a gift

It is great for addressing both receptive and expressive goals, since after the students put the cards in order, they could then tell the story using relevant vocabulary and temporal markers. You can find this activity in Rae’s TPT store HERE, or enter my one day giveaway for your chance to win it!.
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9 thoughts on “Birthday Extravaganza Day Twenty Nine: 4-Step Sequencing, Including Pictures!

  1. Would love to use these with my students in elementary school..I think the sequencing activities are great for their level and the pictures will help them organize and sequence!

  2. The majority of my students have goals related to sequencing and using/understanding temporal language.

  3. Love sequencing activities! Looks great! Thanks for all the giveaway opportunities!

  4. I always have a few students with sequencing goals, so I would use it with them as well as with some of my autism students

  5. Great product! Would love to have it! I would use it for sequencing goals, narrative goals, syntax goals, expanding utterances and so much more! Thanks for sharing & the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

  6. I’d love to use it with my twins (one who has autism and the other who had global developmental delays) as well as use it working with children as an occupational therapist.

  7. I love sequencing activities. You can target so many skills when doing this type of activitiy. Your giveaway looks fabulous!

  8. I would use this with my elementary students who have goals with sequencing and narrative skills.

  9. All of my kids. Some for sequencing, some for sentence writing.

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