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App Review and Giveaway: Speech Therapy for Apraxia – Words

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A little while ago I reviewed “Speech Therapy for Apraxia” by Blue Whale Apps. You can Find this post HERE. I liked that app so much so I asked the developer to take a look at the next level of this app “Speech Therapy for Apraxia – Words”.

Similarly to Speech Therapy for Apraxia, Speech Therapy for Apraxia-Words is designed for working on motor planning with children and adults presenting with developmental or acquired apraxia of speech.

Developed by the National Association for Child Development (NACD) by an SLP, the Apraxia app provides choices of 9 different word groups to target with words categorized according to place of articulation of the phonemes and pattern of articulation within the word.  Again the goal is to gradually increase the levels  of difficulty to improve motor planning for speech.

Here’s how it’s set up:

Read instructions or get started on the intro page.

Once you are finished proceed to the next page where you will be selecting your word groups based on manner of articulation (detailed explanations regarding the sounds contained in each group of words are provided).


Once you choose a group you need to select the level you are going to be working on.

2 Level 1: Practice one CVC word per page:  DOWN, TUNE, NOON

Level 2: Practice 3 CVC words per page: DUDE, DUDE, DUDE

Level 3:  Practice 5 CVC words per page: DOT, DOT, DOT, DOT, DOT

Level 4: Practice each CVC word 4x but add another word on the 5th time: TOTE, TOTE, TOTE, TOTE, NOON

Level 5: Alternate 2 CVC words 5x on each page: TOT, DAD, TOT, DAD, TOT

Level 6: Alternate a variety of CVC words 5x on each page:  TEN, NOTE, TEN, NOTE, NOTE

Level 7: Alternation of CVC Words becomes more complex  and varied

Level 8: Word from different groups of phonemes are combined 5x on each page: NUT, HANG, DUDE, DOWN, NOTE

The illustrations and audio are provided for each word and you do have the option to repeat, reset, or move to the next level.

What I like:

  • The word groups are arranged in a hierarchical order of complexitywhich is hugely important.
  • Great for drills of CVC  monosyllabic words with very involved children.
  • Great for introducing new words into the child’s repertoire.
  • Pictures are provided (great for teaching vocabulary)
  • Audio models are provided, which is great for all clients but particularly for very young children.
  • This app is perfect for drills so you can use it in the initial stages of working with children with a variety of speech sound deficits including articulation and phonological disorders.
  • Parents can use this app to practice at home what was taught in therapy.

What I think could be Improved in the Future:

  • There’s no way to currently track data or record the child’s productions.
  • The app is applicable for children with significant CAS/motor speech involvement, so if you are looking to practice a variety of words beyond the CVC range (VC, CVCV, CVCVCV, etc) you will not find ANY in this particular app.


  • The app is very cheap for how comprehensive and well thought out it actually is!
  • Currently it’s listed for $4.99 in the itunes store which is a steal as compared to other apraxia apps.
  • For that price its well worth a buy if its applicable to your client population.

The Fun Part:

I get to give away 4 copies to two lucky winners, so enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to check it out for yourself for free.
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