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App Giveaway: Are you Sleeping?

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Today Thanks to the generosity of Lavelle Carlson of I am giving away multiple copies of their newest app “Are You Sleeping”.

“Are You Sleeping” is an interactive animated musical story (in English and Spanish) with an embedded game designed to learn early verbs was developed for children 2-8 years of age . The story verbs are initially sung as  children get to activate text animations. Later the children can play a game which has more that 50 verbs  to randomly choose from. According to the developer, the verbs for the game were chosen according to 2 criteria; (1) those verbs that are learned earliest and (2) those that are associated most often with body parts (Maouene, Hidaka, & Smith, 2007).

Target Audiences:

  • Language Delayed Toddlers (English/Spanish)
  • Children with ASD and Developmental Disabilities
  • Children with Limited Language Proficiency

Target Skills:

  • Early verbs – Present, past and future
  • Pronouns – I, he, she, they, you, we
  • Answering “Wh” Questions via Sentence Formulation (Answering “What is _____________ doing?”)
  • Emergent Reading Awareness

So enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win a copy of this awesome app!

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1 thought on “App Giveaway: Are you Sleeping?

  1. I am an SLP and would use this app for the WH questions and pronouns! 🙂

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