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Guest Post – Praxis: It’s not just a test you take after school and Introduction to Prevalent Disorders Bundle Giveaway

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On Day 23 of Birthday Extravaganza I have a guest post from Kelly of Speech2U and a giveaway from yours truly entitled: Introduction to Prevalent Disorders Bundle. A now a few words on praxis from Speech2U.  A few months ago I went out after dinner with an occupational therapist friend of mine.  We spent the […]

In case you missed it: How to Successfully Address Client’s Inattention, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity in Therapy Sessions

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Last week I did a guest post for The Speech Bubble Blog. In case you missed it,  below are my recommendations on how to address aspects of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in your therapy sessions. In recent years, with the ‘back to district trend’ sweeping our schools, more and more speech language pathologists find themselves […]

Guest Post: A Sensory Story

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Today I have the pleasure of  bringing you once again another great guest post by Connie Hunt on the topic of Sensory Processing Disorders, a condition which can be easily mistaken for problem behavior if one doesn’t know what signs to look out for.  So take a look at Connie’s story below.  Let me tell you about […]