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Social Pragmatic Photo Bundle for Early Elementary Aged Children

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This 10 social pragmatic photo/question set is intended for children ages 6-8 years of age. It is organized in a hierarchy of complexity.  Some photos contain additional short stories with questions that focus on auditory memory, processing, and comprehension.  There is on average 10-20 questions per each photo, and each photo takes up one page.

*Please note that this set is part of a comprehensive 30 photo/question social pragmatic language packet, which can be found HERE.  Please review both product descriptions carefully prior to deciding which packet is best suitable for the age group you are working with.

These sets are suitable for both individual therapy sessions as well as group work. Depending on the student’s abilities and extent of deficits, one set (one page) may take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Areas covered by the questions:

  1. Recognizing Emotional Reactions
  2. Explaining Facial Expressions
  3. Making Predictions
  4. Making Inferences (re: people, locations, thoughts, feelings, and actions)
  5. Multiple Interpretations (of actions and settings)
  6. Interpersonal Negotiations
  7. Sympathy/Empathy
  8. Peer Relatedness (Support)
  9. Interpreting Ambiguous Situations
  10. Problem Solving
  11. Determining Solutions
  12. Determining Causes
  13. Determining Perspectives
  14. Social Judgment
  15. Safety Rules  






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