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Selecting Clinical Materials for Pediatric Therapy

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This 30 slide presentation was designed to assist speech-language pathologists with the selection of clinical materials for pediatric therapy.

Product Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how to plan functional therapy procedures taking into consideration the client’s maintaining factors
  • Discuss how to select specific session materials to facilitate client interactions
  • Summarize factors relevant to evaluation of materials and apps
  • Explain how to adapt and appdapt materials and apps
  • List free resources for apps and materials

Slide Content:

  • Considerations to materials selection
  • Maintaining Factors
    • Cognitive
    • Psychosocial
    • Sensorimotor
    • Linguistic
  • Complexity vs. Difficulty
  • Linguistic Contexts
  • Nonlinguistic Contexts
  • Supporting the Core Curriculum
  • Useful Facebook Groups
  • Where to Find Free Materials (select slides with embedded links)
  • Evaluating Materials
  • Adapting Materials
    • Seasonal Cards
  • Limitations of Apps and Commercial Materials
  • Adapting Apps
  • Finding Apps to Adapt to Goals
  • Advantages of Using Apps in Educational


  • Evaluating Apps
  • Appdapting Apps
  • Conclusion
  • Select Smart Speech Therapy Resources

2 reviews for Selecting Clinical Materials for Pediatric Therapy

  1. justwrightspeech@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Thank you for sharing this information! Very informative and useful when selecting materials. I especially like how you incorporated information regarding Apps, and the references you included to other great SLP resources!

  2. mansionbound@gmail.com (verified owner)

    This file is very helpful in connecting us with others in our field as well as outlining the other factors involved in choosing materials. Thank you for the freebie!

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