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Improving Social Communication Abilities in Children with Psychiatric Impairments

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This revised 56 slide presentation offers intervention strategies for speech-language pathologists working with children with confirmed social communication deficits secondary to psychiatric diagnoses.  *Please note that there’s an overlap of information between this material and “Treatment of Social Pragmatic Deficits in School Aged Children (Updated)”. Please review both product descriptions prior to making a purchase of a desired material.  


  • Identify social pragmatic deficit areas of children with psychiatric impairments
  • Describe components and targets of successful social skills treatments
  • List common challenging behavior types and explain proactive behavior strategies used to prevent inappropriate behaviors from occurring
  • Summarize social pragmatic treatment approaches which can be used for children with psychiatric impairments
  • Identify materials that can be used to address relevant social pragmatic treatment goals

Product Details:

  • Psychiatric Diagnoses and Social Pragmatic Skills
  • Specific Psychiatric Diagnoses and Social Communication
  • Poor Social Communication and Effect on Psychological Wellbeing
  •  The Team Approach to Intervention
  • Role of SLP on the Team
  • Pediatric Psychiatric (non-autistic) Diagnoses Affecting Social Skills
  • Creating Intervention
  • Best Practices in Intervention Design
  • Basic Social Interpersonal Skills
  • Pragmatic Parameters of Communication
  • Intermediate Social Skill Competency
  • Components of Peer Relatedness
  • Implementation: Individual vs. Group Therapy
  • Considerations for Treatment
  • Targets of Successful Social Skills Treatments
  • Evidence-Based Intervention Approaches
  • Behavior Types and Functions
  • Behavior Functions
  • Handling Challenging Behaviors
  • Importance of Determining Behavior Function
  • Examples of Antecedents
  • Proactive Behavior Interventions
  •  Review of Specific Social Training programs
    • Skillstreaming
      • Efficacy
      • Limitations
    • PEERS
      • Efficacy
    • Video Modeling
      • Efficacy
      • Suggesting for Implementation
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Social Thinking Training (Winner)
    • Efficacy
    • Criticisms
    • Responses to Criticisms
  • Eclectic Approaches
  • Teaching Specific Skills: Problem Solving
  • Select Problem Solving Apps
  • Select Materials to Teach Problem Solving Abilities
  • Teaching Specific Skills: Pragmatics
  • Teaching Specific Skills: Social Emotional Competence
    • Select Materials to Teach Social Skills: Linguisystems
    • Select Materials to Teach Social Skills: Super Duper Publications
    • Select Materials to Teach Social Skills: Social Thinking®
    • Select Apps Targeting Pragmatics and Social Skills
  • Teaching Specific Skills: Advanced Listening Comprehension
  • Adapted Materials to Teach Advanced Listening Comprehension Skills
  • Parent Training to Increase Carryover
  • Conclusion
  • Helpful Resources
  • References


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