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The Role of Frontal Lobe in Speech and Language Functions

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This 21 slide presentation covers the following:

  • Difference Between Damage And Impairment
  • Frontal Lobe and Executive Functions
  • How Executive Functions Affect Learning
  • What happens when executive functions are impaired
  • Symptoms of impaired executive functions
  • Association between psychiatric impairments and executive functions
  • How executive function deficits are treated in the context of speech language therapy

1 review for The Role of Frontal Lobe in Speech and Language Functions

  1. Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC

    I like this presentation because it begins with a nice review of the brain, explains the difference between damage and impairment, and provides an clear and extensive description of what a child with executive function (EF) difficulties looks like.

    My favorite part:
    I LOVE the pages that discuss what our role as an SLP is and how we can assist in targeting and improving EF in children.

    This is a great resource especially for school SLPs who at times have to really justify working on these skills with students who “appear” to have language within normal limits but whose academic performance is affected by EF deficits. Also the list on ways to treat EF deficits can aid in functional goal making for students.

    Good information!

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