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Revised: Speech Language Assessment and Treatment of Children with Alcohol Related Disorders

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This 72 slide revised and expanded presentation provides an overview of how to conduct functional speech and language assessments and design relevant intervention for children with confirmed or suspected prenatal alcohol exposure.

It contains the following information:

  • FASD in the Schools
  • FASD and Mental Health
  • FASD Behavior Profile
  • Classroom Functioning
  • Core Deficits in FASD
    FASD Referral Basics
  • Importance of Referral for Diagnosis
  • Background History Collection
  • Note on Maternal Risk Factors
  • Growth/Developmental Milestones Risk Factors
  • How to Generate Caregiver Intakes
  • Assessment Considerations
  • On the inclusion of students with disabilities in the normative samples
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Language and Literacy
  • Assessment Tasks and What They Measure
  • Assessing Subtle Deficits
  • Assessing Metalinguistic Abilities
  • Assessing Semantic Flexibility Skills
  • Assessing Narrative Abilities
  • Assessing Social Communication
  • How to Determine Severity
  • Maintaining Factors
    • Cognitive
    • Sensorimotor
    • Psychosocial
    • Linguistic
  • Effective Management
  • Physical Space Modifications
  • Session Structure Modifications
  • Session Materials Modifications
  • How to Modify Child’s Behavior
    • Strategies
  • Complexity vs. Difficulty
  • Linguistic  and Nonlinguistic Contexts
  • Prompts vs. Cues
  • Types of Cues
  • Types of Prompts
  • Levels of Support
  • Language Interventions
  • Improving Social Competence
  • Parental Involvement
  • Conclusion
  • References


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