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Dyslexia Assessment of Monolingual and Bilingual Students

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This 59 slide presentation discusses dyslexia as a language-based literacy disorder, describes the warning signs of literacy deficits in children as well as lists formal instruments and clinical assessment tasks sensitive to the assessment of dyslexia and other literacy-based disabilities in bilingual and monolingual children.

  • At the end of this presentation learners will be able to:
  1. Define the definition of dyslexia as per International Dyslexia Association (IDA)
  2. Describe the controversy surrounding the term “dyslexia”
  3. List dyslexia warning signs
  4. Identify standardized assessment instruments sensitive to detection of dyslexia and other literacy deficits in monolingual and bilingual school aged students   
  5. Explain which clinical assessment tasks can be used to determine the presence of reading based deficits in monolingual and bilingual children

Slide Content:

  • Why Should SLPs Address Literacy?
  • Hierarchy of Language Development
  • Oral Language Deficits
    • Types of Oral Language Deficits
  • Language Disorder or Learning Disability?
  • Dyslexia as a Language-Based Disorder
  • Risk Factors for Language and Literacy Disorders
  • Select Dyslexia Diagnostic Myths
  • Dyslexia and IQ
  • Dyslexia Controversy
  • Warning Signs of Literacy Deficits in Young Children
    • Preschool
    • K and 1st grade
    • Second Grade and Up
    • Behavioral Manifestations
  • Assessment Preparation: Where do we begin?
    • Critical questions to ask the teacher (Crowley et al, 2006)
    • Review other Assessments and Score Discrepancies
    • Reading-Related Assessment Areas
    • Assessment Tasks and What They Measure
  • Learning to Read
  • Development of Phonological Awareness in Bilingual Children
  • Development of Phonological Awareness Abilities
  • School-Age Tests of Reading
    • Tests of Reading at Word Level
    • Various Reading Related Tests
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Language and Literacy
    • TILLS
  • Phonological Awareness Testing
    • PAT-2: NU
    • CTOPP-2
    • Clinical Assessment: PAST Test
  • Clinical Phonological Awareness Testing
  • Assessing alphabet knowledge and phonology in Spanish
  • Rapid Naming Tests
    • RAN/RAS
    • Arkansas Rapid Naming Screener
    • Rapid Naming: CTOPP-2 vs. RAN/RAS
  • Timed Word-Fluency Tests
    • TOSWFR-2
    • TOSCRF-2
  • Reading Fluency and Comprehension
    • GORT-5
    • Clinical Oral Fluency Norms
    • TORC-4
    • A Note on Reading Comprehension
    • Clinical Reading Comprehension Assessment
  • Conclusion


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