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Orofacial Observations of At-Risk Children: Recommendations for Parents and Professionals

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—This 23 page presentation explains how orofacial observations may be relevant to the diagnosis of medical, genetic or neurological disorders via clinical case examples. It offers caregivers and related professionals  general guidelines for noting atypical orofacial features and explains why in some select circumstances, speech language pathologists and/or adoptive parents may be the first individuals to note unusual facial characteristics in children.
Slide Content:
  • Case Studies 
    • Case # 1: New Kid on the Block
    • Case # 2: Not so Fresh off the Boat
    • Case # 3: What’s Wrong with his Face?
  • Colleague Chat
  • At Risk Children
  • Detection facts
  • Detection is easier than you think
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Helpful Resources