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Executive Function Impairments in At-Risk Pediatric Populations

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This 36 slide presentation is aimed at increasing the participants’ knowledge regarding how early life adversity can affect the development of executive functions (EF) in children. It will define executive functions, explain which pediatric populations are particularly at risk, as well as outline strategies for optimizing intervention services to strengthen specific aspects of executive functions.


  • Overview
  • EF Components
  • Development of EF Milestones  (from infancy through high school)
  • Sample EF Task Descriptions
    • Stroop Test
    • Wisconsin Card Sort
    • Trail Making Test
    • Tower of Hanoi
    • Matrix Reasoning Test
  • Description of at-risk populations
  • Importance of EF for Home and School
  • EF Impairment Manifestations
  • Academic Problems Linked to EF Impairment
  • Early Life Adversity and Maltreatment effect on EF
  • Maltreatment and Development of EFs
  • Poverty and EF development
  • Strategies for improving EF Functioning (3 slides)
  • Activities for Improving EF Functioning (5 slides)
  • Conclusion
  • Resources
  • References



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