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Speech Language Assessment Checklist for School-Aged Children

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This updated and expanded 17 page guide, which now includes reading and writing sections, was created to assist speech language pathologists in the decision making process of how to select assessment instruments and prioritize assessment for school age children. The goal is to eliminate administration of unnecessary or irrelevant tests and focus on the administration of instruments directly targeting the areas of difficulty that the child presents with.

What it contains:

  • Page 1 Title
  • Page 2 Directions
  • Pages 3-8 Checklist
  • Pages 9-10 Suggested Speech-Language Test Selection for School-Aged Children
  • Page 11  Select Language Testing Battery Suggestions
  •  Page 12-17 Supplemental Caregiver/Teacher Data Collection Form

Checklist Target Areas:

  1. Receptive Language
  2. Memory, Attention and Sequencing
  3. Expressive Language
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Narrative
  6. Speech
  7. Voice
  8. Prosody
  9. Resonance
  10. Phonological Awareness
  11. Reading
  12. Writing 
  13. Problem Solving
  14. Pragmatic Language
  15. Social Emotional Development
  16. Executive Functions


2 reviews for Speech Language Assessment Checklist for School-Aged Children

  1. Catherine Taylor (verified owner)

    This is a comprehensive checklist that supports family and SLT to review the areas of communication strength and need and decide together where more in depth assessment or observation may be indicated. I will change the words from ‘deficit’ and ‘difficulty’ to more positive “can” words to maintain the child and families’ positivity, self esteem and well being. Keeping the credits to SST of course! Thank you for your work.

  2. erincheak@aol.com (verified owner)

    I just bought the Speech Language Assessment Checklist for School-Aged Children and the one for Preschool-aged children. I am so excited to have these checklists! Not only do they have a comprehensive check list for areas of difficulty, but a super helpful guide that helps you select the most appropriate assessment(s) to administer based on age and area of suspected disability/deficit. Well worth every penny!

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