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Evidence Based Use of Animated Films to Target Therapy Goals

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Evidence based interventions in language and literacy disorders do not have to be boring. High-quality therapeutic interactions can be accomplished in therapy sessions with a focus on using animated films and computer-generated animation. This 50 slide presentation discusses how to target numerous therapeutic goals via the use of salient therapeutic content. It describes components of EBP therapeutic interventions as well as lists the best target selection options for language and literacy purposes during contextualized therapy intervention sessions.

Learning Objectives:

◦By the end of this presentation, participants will be able to

  1. Discuss current research on contextualized therapy intervention
  2. Explain the impact of contextualized therapy intervention on academic performance
  3. List components of effective EBP interventions
  4. Identify specific intervention targets applicable to the usage of animated films
  5. Access free animated film resources

Slide Content:

  • Contextualized Language Therapy
  • Contextualized Language Therapy Research
  • Choosing an Intervention Approach
  • Contextualized (CLI) vs. Decontextualized (DLI) Interventions
  • Components of Effective EBP Interventions
  • Academic Language Targets
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)
  • Language Deficit Areas of Students with DLD
  • Literacy Deficit Areas of Students with DLD
  • Goal Target Selection
  • Rationale for Using Animated Films
  • Intervention Targets
  • Creating Vocabulary Targets
  • Formulating Questions to Improve Semantic Flexibility
  • Syntax: Improving Sentence Length Through Elaboration
  • Narrative Retelling of Animated Films
  • Story Grammar Visuals
  • Story Grammar Chart
  • Metalinguistic Awareness
  • Metalinguistic Awareness Deficits of Students with DLD as Applicable to Animated Films
  • Questions to Improve Metalinguistic Awareness
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Questions to Improve Verbal Reasoning  Abilities
  • Verbal Reasoning Goals Pertaining to Animated Films
  • Social Competence (Pragmatics & Social Cognition)
  • Pragmatics
  • Pragmatic Areas of Focus in Animated Films
  • Select Questions to Improve Pragmatic Language Abilities
  • Questions to Improve Social Cognition
  • Goal To Improve Social Competence
  • Writing Deficits of Student with DLD
  • Writing Process
  • Writing Intervention Basics
  • Story Grammar Elements Organizer
    • 9-year-old with ASD: “Made with Love”
    • 15-year-old with Anxiety & ODD “Control”
  • Intermediate Writing Goals for Intervention
  • General Writing Targets
  • Written Composition Samples
    • 7-11-year-old with Pragmatic Language Deficits “Windup”
    • 11-year-old with Social Pragmatic Deficits “Boundin’”
    • 13-year-old with ASD “Extinguished”
    • 18-year-old with ASD: “Castaway”
  • Select Favorite Film Links
  • Conclusion
  • Helpful Related Smart Speech Therapy Materials


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